How’s it.. hangin?

I’m Matthew and I started The Elevated Movement hammock company to bring creativity and sustainability to outdoor recreation.

I’m an avid hiker and love meeting new people and enjoying the outdoors.  I play and referee soccer in Boston, MA and moonlight as a server while leading the way in creating these beautiful hammocks.  In the summer time find me playing soccer or hanging with the community on Boston’s Esplanade at the weekly hangs I organize through

I’d love to chat with anyone and everyone about hammocks, soccer, chess, hiking, or whatever gets you going.  Feel free to email me or call my cell any day.  Let’s get together and create great memories to share!


Cell: (864) 660-9441

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Happy Hangin!

So what makes us special?

The Elevated Movement hammock company produces the world’s first lightweight camping hammock made from 100% recycled materials.

Each hammock is made from 18 plastic bottles, and for each hammock sold we plant two trees around the world.

18 Bottles = 1 Hammock = 2 Trees.  It’s good math no matter how you break it down!

Every hammock is proudly handmade in the USA and none of our parts or labor are outsourced.  Help us bring sustainability and beauty to the world of outdoor recreation!

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 Find out more about how The Elevated Movement Hammock Company plants our trees and what benefit they bring to the community!

How The Elevated Movement Hammock Company  began its journey!

The Elevated Movement Hammock Company's Community hang outs in Boston!

Please Note: The Elevated Movement Hammock Company is temporarily NOT accepting any orders while we move facilities and prepare for the next season!